Name: Beth Lowe
Tel: 01256 896066

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Music with mummy | Beth

I am Beth and I have been running classes in Whitchurch and St Mary Bourne over the last few years.

I loved going to Music with Mummy so much with my own 2 children and watching
them learn and develop that when it was time for them to go to school I decided to continue! And they still enjoy singing the songs with me now!

Music with Mummy is a fabulous programme and perfect for allowing children to develop and gain confidence in a fun and relaxed environment. I absolutely love what I do and take great pleasure in seeing each child grow and become more confident during the time they spend with me ! It is immensely rewarding watching and supporting their early learning.

Class Timetable:

Monday’s St Mary Bourne
9.45 Music with Mummy, 10.25 Jolly Babies 11.05 Music with Mummy

Tuesdays Whitchurch
9.40 Music with Mummy 10.20 Jolly Babies 11.00 Music with Mummy